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Green Monster Deer Attractant
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Availability: 20 Bottles
Shopping Tip: Order up to 5 bottles of Green Monster and pay the same shipping price as when you order only 1 bottle. Get more bang for your buck!  Shipping prices are according to the United States Postal Service.

Green Monster Deer Attractant is truly a one of a kind deer attractant newly on the market for a lucky few.  There is a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of Green Monster at this price!  Once the inventory left over from the 2017 season is sold out then the price will go back up so act fast!  Not to worry, the scent has a known shelf life of 4 years or longer so rest assured your product is not expired.   When applied, this scent is green in color to help show your coverage area on your preferred scent wick.  Green Monster is based off of the green apple mixed with a sweet stopping power curiosity scent.

This product has been tested in several locations across the United States with individual success.  If you have a local deer herd within smelling distance then Green Monster might be the game changer you've been looking for.  This product is a synthetic blend and does not contain actual food source elements.  It is the hunters responsibility to know the hunting laws and regulations in the area where this product may be used.

Disclaimer: Green Monster Deer Attractant is not magic in a bottle.  Deer will not magically appear once applied in your hunting area.  Competitors will make claims that their products result in monster bucks.  While it is possible, those are marketing lies and we know you are smarter than that.  You are going to want to try this stuff.  While it's not magic, it is prettty awesome!

If you want to learn more before you buy, here are some videos about Green Monster that have been shared with us from fans of the product best watched in order:

General Talk About Green Monster

Set Up and Application

Results Video 1

General Talk About Green Monster

Results Video 2

Bottle Size 2 oz